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Looking back on the 20-year development process, we have a lot of insights and summaries. The size and strength of an enterprise are determined by the pattern of its founders. The 20 years of Xiangbo are just like the years before the age of 40. We still have many shortcomings. In the future, Xiangbo people should have a big mind and a big pattern to focus on the world, lead the global thermal management industry, and establish a Chinese corporate brand. All Xiangbo people will live up to their mission. The course of 20 years is only a small step for our 100-year tree enterprises. In the future, we will have a longer road to go and face more opportunities and challenges. Helping future technology with excellent thermal management is our goal. In the next 20 years, we will make new breakthroughs in technology research and development, reach a new level in scale, and successfully enter China's A- share market. Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence to win. We will not forget our original intention and work hard along the predetermined goal. In order to achieve this goal, we will work comprehensively from four points:


First, to technology as a grasping hand to refine the pragmatic foundation.


Technology is the foundation of our Xiangbo enterprise. In the future work, we must make full use of the R & D platforms and carriers such as Hangzhou High-tech R & D Center and New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Research Institute, and continue to settle down and bend down. Do a solid job of technical work. In the direction of research and development, we must keep up with customer needs and technological frontiers, and strengthen the development of new materials, new technologies, and new products. In terms of mechanism construction, we must increase the recruitment of technical research and development personnel, formulate a more effective incentive mechanism, and stimulate the enthusiasm of technical research and development personnel. In terms of operation mode, we should push the technical work to the forefront, let the technology promotion help the market development, let the technicians communicate with customers more directly, ensure that our technology development work is seamlessly connected with the needs of customers, and create greater value for customers through the promotion of technology.


2. customer-centric expansion of production efficiency services.


Customers are our food and clothing parents, we must firmly establish all work must be customer-centered concept. To focus on customer needs, from product design, manufacturing, quality management, after-sales service and other aspects to improve customer experience. Within the company, it is also necessary to establish the concept that the next process is the customer, and each link must serve the next link well. Only in this way can we fully improve.

At present, the scale of our enterprise is not large, which is not only due to insufficient market development, but also due to low production efficiency. Expanding production and increasing efficiency is one of our key tasks in the future. We must keep up with customer needs, increase market development efforts, continue to expand market influence, and provide our products and services to more customers. Internally, we should practice our internal skills hard, dig deep into our potential, put an end to waste and continuously improve our work efficiency.


Third, to capital to help fast horse whip industry.


In today's society, it is difficult to make an enterprise bigger and stronger quickly only by working hard. We Xiangbo is an industrial enterprise, but in the future development, we should not only do a good job in industry and do practical things, but also use the power of capital to help enterprises develop better and faster. We know that when investors invest in an enterprise, they are actually optimistic about the team and the industry. Our industry is a promising sunrise industry. With the rapid development of new economy, new technology and new energy, this industry is bound to grow explosively. If we want to get investment from investors, the key lies in our team. We need to build a team that has common ideals and beliefs, is full of passion, dares to take responsibility, and can do the right thing and accomplish things.

We should take the new third board as the basis and starting point, further standardize the operation of enterprises, self-demand the standards of listed enterprises, and promote the relevant work towards the goal of listing. We are confident to move from the new third board to the-share market and realize our dream. No matter how far we go in the capital market, we do not forget our original intention. We only use the power of capital to promote the development of industry. Our goal is still to lead the global thermal management industry and establish a Chinese corporate brand.


Four, to employees as the basis for the development of cohesion map.


Every goal of an enterprise needs to be achieved by employees working together. Looking back on the development process of the previous 20 years, we rely on the intelligence and hard work of our employees. Looking ahead, we still need to rely on employees. We must build a management team with the overall situation in mind and the courage to take responsibility; we must build a technical team that studies hard and strives for perfection; we must build a sales team that is brave and rain-proof; we must build an efficient execution and meticulous production team. We must strengthen the construction of corporate culture, implement the people-oriented management concept, continuously enhance the cohesion of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, and realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

In order to better promote the common development of employees and enterprises, the company decided to evaluate the stars and issue honor badges according to the length of service and performance of employees. In the future, employees can enjoy corresponding star benefits in terms of paid vacation, public travel, children's schooling subsidies and retirement benefits according to different stars. We will begin to implement this work in 2019 and gradually improve it. With the development of the enterprise, to let employees get more benefits, this is my real idea as the founder of the enterprise. Employees are not only the support of enterprise development, but also the first beneficiary of enterprise development.

The great cause is inspiring and the new tide is surging. Let all of us Xiangbo people further unite, twist into a rope, closely focus on the new goals and tasks, continue to carry forward our tenacious entrepreneurial passion and technology-focused craftsman spirit, and work hard for our century-old foundation!


Xia Botao

30 December 2018