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  • 1998---Xenbo Electric Co., Ltd was founded Wenzhou, “China Electric Capital”, and at the beginning it supplied heat sink for medium frequency power.
  • 2000--Introduced a new combined heat sink for thyristor power components.
  • 2001--Become the preferred supplier of the top ten intermediate frequency power supply manufacturers in China.
  • 2003--Participated in the drafting of the national standard of heat sink and served as the leader of the drafting team.

  • 2005—Xenbo set up new factory and heat sink lab, and moved Operational headquarters to Hangzhou.
  • 2006--Established a complete full-motion test line, becoming the only professional heat sink manufacturer in the domestic industry with R&D, design, manufacturing and testing; the heat sink developed by the company obtained the national patent.
  • 2007--Won the honorary title of Zhejiang Small and Medium-sized Technology Enterprise; at the same time set up a laboratory of closed pure water cooling cycle equipment at Zhejiang University.
  • 2008--The closed pure water cooling device system has won the major science and technology special project in Zhejiang Province; the developed heat sink products have entered the national level project.
  • 2009—obtained the National Torch Program Project; and became National High-tech Enterprises.
  • 2010—the production base in Anhui (Heyi Xenbo) was put into production, at the same time, we produced the heat sink applied in HVDC flexible, the project of China EPRI(Shanghai Nanhui-shurou).
  • 2011--Entering foreign markets, expanding European and American customers and agents, introducing foreign PER heat sink technology and brand; setting up branches in Beijing and Shenzhen.
  • 2013--Participated in the drafting of the national standard "Standard reactive power compensation device water cooling equipment".
  • 2016--The company was changed to a company limited by shares, and the name was changed to Xenbo Heat Sink Science&Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2017--Participated in the drafting of the power industry standard "Technical Guidelines for the Supervision of Flexible DC Transmission Equipment";Xenbo was in the market of “new three board” in 6th March, 2017(Stock abbr: Xenbo Heat Transfer, Stock code: 871063).
  • 2018--Zhejiang Xenbo Cooling System Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, started construction to provide thermal management technology services for new energy vehicles; Xenbo and Shanghai University of Technology jointly established a new energy vehicle thermal management institute.
  • 2019--Obtained the IATF16949: 2016 system certificate, organized employees to travel with their families abroad.