In the cold winter of the economy, good fortune is not cold


Since the beginning of this year, facing the severe and complex international and domestic economic situation, many physical enterprises have been struggling. However, with its strong technological research and innovation capabilities, Xiangbo Electric has still achieved good business performance by seizing market opportunities externally and improving management efficiency internally. From January to October this year, Xiangbo Electric's sales revenue and corporate profit both increased significantly year-on-year, and market orders are showing a rapid growth trend.

In order to meet the growing market demand and better serve our customers, Xiangbo Electric has increased its technical research and development efforts, continuously improving product quality and service level. On the other hand, we will reorganize the production site,

      While tapping into its internal potential, XENBO Electric has also introduced a batch of advanced production equipment to enhance its production capacity and quality level. At present, the newly added production equipment such as multiple CNC machining centers, CNC deep hole drills, large capacity vacuum brazing furnaces, and double seat friction stir welding have all been installed and debugged. Xiangbo Electric will provide services to customers with greater production capacity, higher product quality, and faster response speed.

      According to Xia Botao, Chairman of Xiangbo Electric, the company will also achieve the goal of listing on the New Third Board as soon as possible, further standardize enterprise operation and management, enhance the momentum of enterprise development, and better provide cooling technology and products for China's power electronics industry.