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UHV equipment procurement is prohibited by foreign companies. Billion market will be shared by domestic enterprises.

UHV equipment procurement is prohibited by foreign companies. Billion market will be shared by domestic enterprises.

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2013/12/27 08:15
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The National Development and Reform Commission recently stated that the investment scale of the next 15 years is 400 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the construction of China's UHV power grids in
The National Development and Reform Commission recently stated that the investment scale of the next 15 years is 400 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the construction of China's UHV power grids in the two Three Gorges Projects. For the first time in equipment procurement, the foreign companies are prohibited from ordering. The UHV transmission equipment market with a total scale of about 250 billion yuan (equipment accounts for about 60% of the total investment in the power grid) will be shared almost entirely by domestic enterprises.
It is reported that the state has identified the UHV grid as a supporting project for technological upgrading and independent innovation of the equipment manufacturing industry. In order to support domestic enterprises, the National Development and Reform Commission stated that UHV equipment should fully realize independent research and development and domestic production. At present, the clear policy is that, except for some key technologies that can be supported by foreign parties, foreign-invested joint ventures and their holdings are not allowed to participate in equipment development and bidding.
Since UHV grid equipment will not allow foreign capital and its holding companies to participate in research and bidding, Siemens, ABB, Toshiba and other foreign giants with advanced technology in the electrical industry will be blocked from the UHV project this time. Leading China's lucrative high-end power grid construction. In this UHV project, the most important role they can play is that "the foreign party can provide technical support. The most important reason for this situation is that in the past, foreign-funded enterprises took advantage of the technical advantages and participated in the key projects. Technical barriers have been squeezed by the survival of local companies.
According to Lu Yanwei, special adviser to the China Machinery Industry Federation and former vice minister of machinery, the main advantages of foreign-funded enterprises are high technical level and excellent product quality. When foreign companies cooperate with domestic enterprises or joint ventures, they often set obstacles on key technologies such as high-voltage products, form technical barriers, force domestic enterprises to fight price wars, low-cost, low-level vicious competition, and are unable to invest in new technologies and products. Research and development.
Due to the rapid follow-up and breakthrough of domestic enterprises, the advantages of foreign capital are gradually being disintegrated in the high-end market. In the past two years, the long-term foreign investment in China's high-end power grid construction has begun to be broken. Different from the previous difficulties in opening up the market to foreign capital, the principle of independent innovation of UHV transmission equipment is quite tough.
Hu Shuqing, director of the Major Equipment Office of China Machinery Industry Federation, said: "At present, most UHV equipment can achieve domestic production, and a few key technologies that are not fully mastered can be solved through external cooperation. The development of UHV equipment It is based on the domestic market and is based on me. Individual products can be jointly developed with foreign parties. If the foreign parties are not willing to cooperate or are not willing to share technology, the enterprise will meet the engineering needs through independent research and development."


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