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Die Casting Cold Plate
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Die Casting Cold Plate

Material: ADC12
Low flow resistance, low thermal resistance, tight sealing, high impact resistance
Liquid cooling technology for new energy vehicle motor controllers.The main part of the cold plate is provided with a concave coolant flow groove, and the bottom of the coolant flow groove is provided with an upwardly protruding protrusion, and the left end of the cold plate is provided with a coolant water inlet connected to a nozzle, the right side is  with a coolant outlet. And the upper part of the coolant flow tank is provided with a  cover plate, the heat dissipation flow chamber is formed, and the rear surface of the cold plate cover is provided with evenly distributed heat dissipation ribs.The liquid cooling plate structure of a new energy automobile motor controller has a compact structure, low flow resistance, low thermal resistance and good temperature uniformity.
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