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Vertical water air heat exchanger

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Name: Vertical water air heat exchanger

Material: Aluminum alloy

Structure: Plate fin type

Process: Vacuum brazing

Application: SVC, SVG, wind power generation

The heat exchanger adopts a vacuum brazing process without brazing flux, which reduces the ion precipitation rate and better meets the low conductivity requirements of the system (experimental results show that the conductivity is less than one tenth of traditional gas shielded welding); Adopting a plate fin structure with good structural strength and high heat transfer efficiency, adopting a vertical structure design with small footprint, more suitable for wind power generation environmental requirements; By selecting corrosion-resistant materials and adopting special anti-corrosion, acid proof, and salt spray resistant processes, the product's resistance to corrosion in harsh environments has been improved. Applicable models: 1.5-6. X MW wind turbines; Applicable power: 40KW~600KW; Corrosion protection level: ISO12944 C4/C5-I/C5-M.

Vertical water air heat exchanger

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