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Xenbo Heat sink Seience&Technology Co., Ltd is a national level new high-tech enterprise specialized in researching and development, sell and technical services. Xenbo was in the market of new three board in 6th March, 2017(Stock abbr: Xenbo Heat Transfer, Stock code: 871063).


Xenbo sets up a R&D center with city level named Hangzhou Xenbo Power Electronics Heat Sink High-Tech Development Center. The center focuses on the research and development of the products and technology of DC high-voltage transmission, flexible HVDC, rail traffic, new energy automobile, solar and wind power, etc. The R&D team consists of professionals in the field of heat sink and relevant fields. Based on the professional technical team and innovative technical ideas, Xenbo undertook the program of National Torch Plan, MOST Innovation Funds Program, Zhejiang Major Scientific and Technological project, Xiaoshan Major Science and Technology Project and grasped the most forefront technology. In recent years, Xenbo has gotten about 30 items of patented technology and 10 items of provincial level new products and techniques. Xenbo is becoming the leader of the industry, which depends on the strong innovation, research and development. Xenbo is one of the draft companies for National Standards of Heat Sinks Used in Power Semi-conductor Devices and HVDC Transmission Equipment Engineer Technology Guide.


Map of Anhui factory 

Xenbo's products are widely used in the fields of DC transmission, new energy automobile, wind turbine, rail traffic, power quality govern and so on. Guided by the customer's demands for years, we always regard the domestic market as our sales goals. We do business with individual technical service. Through our efforts, we have entered the domestic high-end market in power transmission industry and motorcycle industry. Meanwhile, our products also satisfied the demand of high-end products in Europe, America and Middle East countries.


Xenbo establishedmaunfacturer bases in Jixi, Anhui province in 2010, and Changxing factory, Zhejiang province in 2017, the two manufacturers base equipped international advanced vacuum braze and FSW production line. Also, we get advanced test equipments, which can satisfy medium and high quality radiating facility production. Xenbo is the most competitive enterprise in the field of heat sink used in powers semi-conductor devices, and also is the first enterprise in China passed the EN15085 welding system of FSW.


Xenbo concentrates on the innovation and development of heat dissipation technology, devotes herself to the integrator of resource and the leader of the field, and leads scientific and technological progress of the world's high-power semiconductor hestsinks. Xenbo's vision is, leading heat sink product and technic, making a well-known Xenbo brand in this century.

XENBO™ Founder/Chairman Xia Botao

Senior Engineer Zhejiang University EMBA

Founder/Chairman XIA BOTAO

·Into the power electronics industry in 1992, concentrating on the research and development of heat dissipation in power electronics
·Founded Wenzhou Yongxing Xia Xing Radiator Factory in 1998
·Founded Wenzhou Xiangbo Electric Co., Ltd. in 1999
·In 2003, he participated in the formulation and preparation of the national standard for radiators for power electronic semiconductor devices, and served as the team leader. It is the Chinese power electronics industry's "heat sink standard for power semiconductor devices GB/T8446.1-2004, GB/
  One of the main drafters of T84463-204
·Since 2005, he has been the chairman of Hangzhou Xiangbo Electric Co., Ltd.
·2009 was named "Fengyun People" by the power electronics industry