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XENBO 2016 annual shareholders meeting

XENBO 2016 annual shareholders meeting

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2017/05/20 09:37
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On the morning of May 19, 2017, Hangzhou Xiang Bo heat transfer Polytron Technologies Inc (Stock Code: 871063) was held in the conference room of the annual shareholders meeting in 2016.

On the morning of May 19, 2017, Xenbo Heat Sink Seience&Technology Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 871063) was held in the conference room of the annual shareholders meeting in 2016. The shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior managers of the company attended the meeting, and the meeting was presided over by Lou Xiaowei, chairman of the board. Wu Hongliang and Ma Chao, two lawyers of Zhejiang Golden Road law firm attended and witnessed the convening of the conference.



The conference has examined and amended the report on the work of the board of directors, the report of the board of supervisors, the report of the financial accounts, the annual report and summary, the annual report and summary, the profit distribution scheme, the annual audit institution, the annual Association guarantee forecast and so on, and the articles of association of the company were revised and perfected.



The lawyer of Zhejiang Golden Road law firm testified to the Convenor, convening, convening, attendance, voting procedures and voting results of the general meeting of the shareholders' meeting. It was considered to be in conformity with the company law and other laws, regulations, rules and other normative documents, as well as the public. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the articles of association, the resolutions adopted at this general meeting are all lawful and effective.