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The summit of the iceberg has warmth

Brave Climbing the Peak - Let the World See Us

Recently, Mr. Xia Botao, founder and chairman of Xiangbo Heat Transfer, climbed Mount Mustag with the Sichuan Tibet mountaineering team. Mostag Mountain is located at the junction of Aktau County and Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The main peak, Mostag Peak, is 7546 meters above sea level, located at the western edge of Tarim Basin, southeast of the East Pamir Plateau. In Uygur language, Mostag is the "father of icebergs".



The summit of the iceberg has warmth

Mount Mustag is a cold iceberg, but the climbers are all passionate men. They are not afraid of difficulties, overcome difficulties, unite and help each other, and move forward courageously.

At Camp C2, a member of another mountaineering team, Aquan, developed snow blindness symptoms, was unable to see anything, had no water or food, and was in a state of extreme despair. Aquan tried to open his eyes and cry as he borrowed water from the surroundings. After Xia Botao discovered this unfamiliar Aquan, he took out hot water without saying a word. Other teammates along the way also extended a helping hand to Aquan, cheering him on and sharing some food with him. It is very difficult to carry snacks on high altitude icebergs, and these high calorie foods can sometimes be the life of mountaineers.

Aquan later shared this unforgettable experience through "Little Red Book".



Scenery along the way



To climb high, one must feel inferior; to travel far, one must feel near

Mr. Xia Botao is not only an outdoor enthusiast, but also a strategic entrepreneur. In his daily life, he loves outdoor sports such as mountaineering, marathons, and cycling, and is also passionate about public welfare. In his work, he led Xiangbo Heat Transfer for 25 years and has been committed to the innovation and industrial development of thermal management technology. The way of a gentleman is to walk as far as one can, and to climb as high as one can, one must feel inferior. For many years, whether in personal life or in the development of enterprises, Xia Botao has always believed that climbing high must start from low places, and traveling far must start from close places, down-to-earth, and gradual.

Mr. Xia Botao, as the helmsman of Xiangbo Heat Transfer, has led the company to layout four major production bases in Hangzhou, Huzhou, Hefei, and Xuancheng, while delivering his spirit and blood on snowy mountains such as Bogda, Ledomanin, Alps, and Everest. Under his leadership, Xiangbo Heat Transfer's products and technologies continue to innovate and upgrade, and its influence in fields such as energy and electricity, transportation and logistics, and data communication continues to rise.