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Media attention | Xiaoshan Daily reports on XENBO's innovative work in heat transfer technology


      On August 2, 2023, the Xiaoshan Daily reported on the technological innovation work of XENBO Heat Transfer, titled "XENBO Heat Transfer: Focusing on Technological Innovation to Assist in Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement of New Energy Storage". The original text is as follows:

      Recently, the list of the fifth batch of specialized, refined, and innovative "Little Giant" enterprises in Hangzhou in 2023 was announced, and XENBO Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. was prominently listed.

      Last year, all venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics used clean energy for power supply. As a pioneering achievement in the history of the Olympics, Zhang Beirouzhi's project is indispensable. Among them, XENBOo Heat Transfer is the designer of the IGBT thermal management scheme for the Zhangbei Rouzhi project's converter valve and the manufacturer of the radiator.

      What qualifies this small enterprise to participate in this world-class engineering project? Prioritizing technological research and development, focusing on technological innovation, with an average R&D investment accounting for over 15% of sales revenue in the past three years, new products, technologies, and processes have emerged.

     It is understood that XENBO Heat Transfer has a 60% share in the domestic radiator market in the fields of ultra-high voltage direct current transmission and flexible direct current transmission. In addition, XENBO Heat Transfer's revenue increased by 31% year-on-year in the first half of 2023, and it is expected to see even greater growth in the second half of the year.

      Targeting technical bottlenecks

    Deep integration of industry, academia, and research

    Silicon carbide power devices have broad application prospects in fields such as electric vehicles, solar energy, and wind power generation. However, the representative of silicon carbide power switching devices - metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor technology is currently not mature enough, which hinders the large-scale application of silicon carbide power devices in the field of new energy electric vehicles.

    In the second batch of "Sharp Forces" plan projects in Zhejiang Province in 2022, the "Research and Development of Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Chips and Their Application Technology" project is led by the Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center of Zhejiang University, and XENBO Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development of new high thermal conductivity heat dissipation plates, focusing on in-depth research on heat dissipation structures, devices, media, and production processes, and providing heat dissipation solutions.

    "Targeting technological bottlenecks, we have maintained close cooperation with well-known domestic universities such as Zhejiang University to promote high-quality development of enterprises through high-quality scientific research conditions. According to Deng Xianchun, the Secretary of the Board of Directors of XENBO Heat Transfer, XENBO Heat Transfer has established a mature R&D and production system based on the principle of" one generation of research and development, one generation of reserves, and one generation of batches ". With a provincial-level R&D center and four production bases, XENBO Heat Transfer has the ability to independently research and produce all core components throughout the entire industry chain, and has the ability to intelligentize traditional thermal management and Internet of Things. In the future, the new generation of thermal management systems will be free of debugging and maintenance.".

    From the data, XENBO Heat Transfer has authorized nearly a hundred patented inventions, mastered the most cutting-edge processes and production technologies in the industry, and is the first drafter of multiple national standards. It has also undertaken research and development tasks for various levels of scientific and technological projects, such as the National Torch Program, the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Zhejiang Province Elite Program.

    Race to the "Golden Track"

    Entering the field of new energy storage

    In 2006, the first fully dynamic radiator testing system was established in China; In 2011, the first flexible direct current transmission project in Asia, the Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm Flexible Direct Current Project, was put into operation. With advanced and reliable technology and excellent characteristics, XENBO Heat Transfer continuously replaces imported products, forming a strong technological radiation ability, laying the foundation for exploring markets in other fields.

    In recent years, the proportion of new energy sources such as photovoltaics and wind power has continued to increase, and the demand for flexible resources in the power system has become increasingly urgent, with broad market prospects. Not long ago, XENBO's heat transfer liquid cooling temperature control solution and products helped the West Dongting and Yuanjiang New Bay energy storage power stations connect to the grid and put into operation, which is an excellent application case in the field of new energy storage.

    This temperature control system takes away the heat generated by the battery through convective heat exchange of energy storage water sheets. It can accurately control the temperature of the battery cells, ensure the safe operation of the energy storage system, and reduce energy consumption, which has been fully recognized by the industry. Deng Xianchun introduced that in 2021, the company took the "golden race" and established a new energy storage team. The project gradually landed in 2022 and has achieved mass production this year. It has established stable cooperative relationships with leading companies in the industry such as Sungrow Power, Goldwind Technology, and Hewang Electric. The energy storage liquid cooling product line has become a new economic growth point for XENBO Heat Transfer.

    In addition, relying on solid technical capabilities, XENBO Heat Transfer has achieved breakthroughs in heat dissipation technology in new energy vehicle electronic control cooling, energy power, transportation logistics, data communication, and other areas. Next, XENBO Heat Transfer will focus on talent and research and development, increase investment in new products and technologies, seize opportunities in the new energy market, achieve rapid development in the energy storage and temperature control track, and strive to double operating revenue by 2023 and exceed 1 billion yuan in operating revenue by 2025.

    In terms of focusing on innovation driven and adding development momentum, the Economic Development Zone strengthens the innovation carrier, fully leverages the advantages of Zhejiang University Science and Technology Innovation Center, West Electric Hangzhou Research Institute, and Xianghu Laboratory Science and Technology Innovation Highland, promotes the orderly flow and efficient allocation of talent and technological elements, and promotes the deep integration of industry, academia, and research development.

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