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Good news | XENBO Heat Transfer has been rated as a national level specialized, refined, and innovative "little giant"


        Specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprises are located in the core areas of industrial foundation and key links of the industrial chain. They have outstanding innovation capabilities, master core technologies, high market share in segmented markets, and good quality and efficiency. They are the core force of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises.

       "Based on technological innovation, leading the market with advanced technology and products." This is the strategic idea of Xia Botao, the founder of Xiangbo Heat Transfer. Under his leadership, Xiangbo Heat Transfer focuses on technological research and development in the fields of power electronics and new energy cooling. After 25 years of intensive cultivation, Xiangbo has led the drafting of multiple national standards, has nearly a hundred patented inventions, and has undertaken multiple provincial and ministerial level research and development projects, laying a solid technical foundation for the healthy development of the enterprise.

      After 25 years of development, Xiangbo Heat Transfer's products and technology have been widely used in energy and electricity, transportation and logistics, data communication and other devices, especially in the IGBT heat dissipation market for converter valves in State Grid ultra-high voltage direct current transmission and flexible direct current transmission projects. Starting from the first flexible direct current transmission project in Asia - the Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm Flexible Direct Current Project, Xiangbo Heat Transfer's products have continuously replaced imported products with their advanced and reliable technology and excellent performance, and have received unanimous praise from relevant units. In recent years, projects such as the Fujian Xiamen Flexible DC Transmission Project, the Brazil Beautiful Mountain Ultra High Voltage Transmission Project, the Chongqing Hubei Back-to-back Interconnection Project, the Wudongde Ultra High Voltage Multi terminal DC Transmission Project, the Zhangbei Flexible Direct Current Project, the Fujian Guangdong Interconnection Project, and the Baihetan Ultra High Voltage DC Transmission Project have all used IGBT heat exchangers developed by Xiangbo Heat Transfer.

       In the future development, Xiangbo Heat Transfer will increase research and development investment in new products and technologies, specialize, refine, and strengthen in the fields of power electronics and new energy thermal management, and achieve high-quality development of the enterprise.