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Preventing non ignition - XENBO Heat Transfer organizes fire safety drills

On June 28, 2023, XENBO HEAT SINK SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. organized a fire safety training and practical exercise for all employees to enhance their awareness of fire safety, strengthen their emergency response capabilities, and enhance their ability to evacuate safely and self rescue. At the actual scene, members of the safety team reported the fire situation, and all employees, guided by the evacuation instructor, bent down, covered their mouths and noses, and quickly and orderly evacuated to a safe area according to the emergency evacuation route.




After the fire safety knowledge training, the company organized on-site operations of fire extinguishers and demonstrations of high-altitude emergency evacuation using fire hoses. The on-site safety officer focused on explaining and demonstrating the usage methods of fire extinguishers, emphasizing the techniques and precautions for using dry powder fire extinguishers. After careful observation, personnel from various departments took turns operating and became familiar with and mastered the correct usage methods of fire extinguishers.






Through this fire safety training and practical exercise, not only has the fire safety awareness of all employees been improved, but also everyone's emergency evacuation, self-protection, self rescue and mutual rescue capabilities for sudden fires have been enhanced, and fire safety management has been strengthened, thereby achieving the goal of preventing fires to the maximum extent and reducing fire hazards.